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You have just searched for inspiration and suggestions on countless wedding blogs and accounts from hip wedding photographers, brides or wedding agencies.

The term "elopement" comes up again and again and you wonder what it is exactly. You might even slightly feel uncomfortable because you have never heard of the term before.

First of all: don't worry! You are like most people who just stepped into the big world of weddings.

I am here to explain Elopements to you briefly and simply

When I am asked what it is I am photographing, my answer leaves question marks behind.

"I take photos and film portraits, photograph destination weddings and elopements, ..."

Wait a moment. Elopements are a thing?

A friend recently replied:

„I have never heard of this and you use it like it’s the most ordinary term.“

Therefore, here is the official explanation à la Dictionary first:

noun [ C ]

Traditionally, this means running away with a love partner. For example, if the parents of the bride do not give their blessing to the couple, or (in very traditional cultures) the bride has actually already been promised to another groom.

That sounds very exciting.

The term has changed especially in the last few years and

has been recognized as a beautiful and successful concept in the wedding industry.

What exactly that is, I'll explain to you now.

What is an elopement style wedding?

What is meant by the elopement ceremony is a very intimate wedding that the couple carries out alone or in close circles.

Especially in times of Corona, it is almost unthinkable to plan a wedding with many guests. The special thing about it is that the couple perceives this wedding very intensely and consciously decides to be together for the rest of their lives.

Flexibility is an important factor in today's world. The obligatory tail of an ordinary wedding with hundreds of guests and service providers who reserve one date for you is omitted with an elopement wedding.

With an elopement celebration you are far more flexible.

How and where do I organize an elopement?

The nice thing about it is that you can freely determine the location. Regardless of whether it's your favorite spot in the forest or the great vantage point where you kissed for the first time - you decide!

An elopement set-up should above all reflect the magic of this special moment.

You can have a look at a few inspirations on Pinterest and create your dream altar with an experienced decorator or wedding planner.

Even some photographers now offer the All Inclusive Elopements, in which they also look after the planning and the concept.

As an Elopement photographer, I think it's great, because creativity can run wild and, above all, the locations convey a very special atmosphere. Good photos / videos are especially important to share the day with loved ones and to keep it in good memory.

Elopement Mallorca

I photograph most of my weddings on the balearic island Mallorca because of it’s beautiful light and unique atmosphere.

There are great locations that you can ideally use for elopement celebrations. Unique rock formations, great views of the sea and landscape or an old, traditional country house provide an unbeatable setting. As a wedding photographer and videographer on Mallorca, light is a very special factor for guaranteed great shots. Since elopements mostly take place outside, the weather is of course an important factor.

With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, it definitely gives the nerves a little rest.

If you want to find out more about elopement packages, please get in touch with me.

  • Writer's pictureSvenja Josefa Nietfeld

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Latest Covid regulations shake up the wedding industry!

"Thanks" to Corona, large weddings and other events are impossible to think of. In some cultures all relatives are typically flown in from all possible countries in the world to celebrate love. As a wedding photographer and videographer, I have been able to accompany such enormous weddings. They are colorful and eventful celebrations. No matter what culture background the couple had, I always had a great time and loved big weddings.

In the near future, however, it is no longer possible to celebrate a wedding with so many guests.

Small-group weddings can be very intimate and special. The feeling that everyone who is with you is a very familiar face, gives you peace and quiet and the opportunity to focus on you and the love that brought you to this day.

You feel the day and perceive it in a completely different way.

The festival of love gets a whole new meaning again.

Perhaps we can see Corona as a problem for wedding celebrants and service providers.

but we have heard it so often: everything has a reason. From my own experience, I know that in my life there were often situations that at first seemed like a small catastrophe, but in when I think back they were the best that could happen to me.

It is therefore all the more important to ensure that a professional and stylish report about the wedding ceremony and the day is created in a small and personal circle. Whether photos, videos or both - in retrospect, your friends and relatives get the feeling that they were there. And you get a wonderful memory - for eternity.

A unique wedding film to share instead of many guests or a wonderful photo story that summarizes the best moments in the best possible way is something you'll have for lifetime to relive that day.

What does Corona mean for my already planned wedding?

Have you already planned your wedding in Mallorca, Germany or elsewhere, reserved everything, made deposits and are unsure whether the date will even take place?

You worry about getting your money back.

The uncertainty gnaws at you and your partner even more.

First of all: "Everything will be fine!"

Let me assure you that everything will indeed be fine. Either way.

How to cancel my wedding?

If you are considering cancelling your wedding I want to help you staying calm and optimistic.

You have probably already paid a deposit to your wedding photographer, caterer, DJ and Co.

You have already invested a good amount of your budget in down payments.

Of course it is the case that wedding service providers have been hit pretty hard by the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, behind every service provider there is also someone who understands your situation.

We stepped into this business for a reason and want you to have a beautiful experience. That's why we chose this industry. People always come first and most of us put our hearts into this.

Therefore, it is important to find a good and satisfactory solution for you. So when you get in contact with us, you don't need to worry in advance. Nevertheless, we ask you to show understanding of the situation of the service provider. Show mercy and try to find a good solution for both parties.

I am a videographer and photographer for weddings in Mallorca, Germany and the


I ask my couples to find a new date quickly. 2021/22 will be interesting years and unfortunately we cannot afford to block uncertain dates for too long which means possibly having to cancel other customers.

I promised my couples that a refund is possible if the the desired date is no longer available.

This is how most wedding service providers handle this situation.

Nevertheless, we hope that refunds will remain the exception. Down payments partially flow in advance into the business-related costs of the service provider such as insurance, equipment, software, marketing and much more.

If you have any questions about the current situation, please leave a comment below this article or send me an email.

I have been working as a wedding videographer and photographer since 2015 and photograph or film weddings all over the world. Based in Mallorca and Amsterdam, I mainly offer my services in the Balearic Islands and Germany and the Netherlands.

I look forward to hear from you!

Your Svenja

  • Writer's pictureSvenja Josefa Nietfeld

Elopement Wedding Mallorca

Kann mir das mal jemand kurz und einfach erklären?

Mach ich gern!

Ich werde gelegentlich gefragt was genau ich fotografiere?

"Hmm... also ich fotografiere und/ oder filme Portraits, Finca-Hochzeiten auf Mallorca, oder Elopements,..."

Moment mal. Elopements?

Da werde ich schonmal schief angeschaut. Wieder so eine, die möchtegern-klug mit cool klingenden englischen Begriffen um sich schmeißt.

Und Dir geht es wahrscheinlich genauso. Du hast gerade auf unzähligen Hochzeitsblogs und Accounts von angesagten Hochzeitsfotografen, Bräuten oder Hochzeitsagenturen nach Inspirationen und Vorschlägen gesucht.

Immer wieder fliegt Dir der Begriff „Elopement“ ganz selbstverständlich um die Ohren und Du wunderst Dich, ja vielleicht ist es Dir sogar unangenehm, dass Du den Begriff bis heute noch nie gehört hast.

Zuerst einmal: Kein Grund zur Sorge! Da geht es Dir wie den meisten, die nicht gerade in der Hochzeitsindustrie tätig sind.

Deshalb hier zuerst die offizielle Erklärung à la Dictionary:

Durchbrennen {n} [ugs.] [bes. um zu heiraten]
Flucht {f} [Weglaufen]
Entlaufen {n}
Weglaufen {n} [sich als Paar heimlich davonmachen, ausreißen]
Ausreißen {n}, um zu heiraten

Traditionell ist damit das Weglaufen mit einem Liebespartner gemeint. Zum Beispiel, wenn die Eltern der B

raut nicht ihren Segen für das Paar geben, oder die Braut eigentlich bereits einem anderen versprochen wurde.

Das klingt doch schonmal sehr aufregend.

Der Begriff hat sich aber vor allem in den letzten Jahren

in der Hochzeitsindustrie als ein erfolgreiches Konzept durchgesetzt.

Wie das genau aussieht, das ich erkläre ich Euch jetzt.

Was ist eine Elopement Hochzeit?

Gemeint ist mit der Elopement Trauung eine sehr intime Hochzeit, die das Paar alleine bzw. im engsten Kreise vollzieht.

Gerade in Zeiten von Corona ist es beinah undenkbar eine Hochzeit mit vielen Gästen zu planen. Das Besondere daran ist, dass das Paar diese Trauung ganz intensiv wahrnimmt und sich bewusst dafür entscheidet, noch mehr beieinander zu sein.

Aber auch Flexibilität ist in der heutigen Zeit ein wichtiger Faktor. Der obligatorische Rattenschwanz einer gewöhnlichen Hochzeit mit vielen Gästen und Dienstleistern, die sich das eine Datum für Euch reservieren, fällt bei einer Elopement Trauung weg. Sollte die Trauung nicht stattfinden, könntet ihr Euch noch immer

Wie und wo setze ich ein Elopement um?

Das schöne daran ist, dass Ihr den Ort dabei ganz frei bestimmen könnt. Egal, ob es Euer Lieblingsplatz im Wald oder der großartige Aussichtspunkt ist, an dem Ihr Euch zum ersten Mal geküsst habt - ihr entscheidet selbst!

Ein Elopement Set Up sollte vor allem die Magie dieses besonderen Moments widerspiegeln.

Ihr könnt Euch dafür ein paar Inspirationen bei Pinterest anschauen und Euch mit einem erfahrenen Dekorateur oder Hochzeitsplaner Euren Traumaltar basteln.

Selbst einige Fotografen bieten mittlerweile die All Inclusive Elopements an, in der sie auch die Planung und das Konzept betreuen.

Ich finde es als Elopement Fotografin großartig, da der Kreativität freien Lauf gelassen werden kann und vor allem die Locations eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre vermitteln. Gute Fotos/ Videos sind wichtig, um den Tag mit den Liebsten zu teilen und ihn in schöner Erinnerung zu behalten.

Elopement Mallorca

Auf Mallorca gibt es großartige Locations, die ihr ideal für Elopement nutzen könnt. Einzigartige Felsformationen, großartige Aussichten auf Meer und Landschaft oder eine alte, traditionelle Landhausfinca bieten einen unschlagbaren Rahmen. Das Licht ist für mich als Hochzeitsfotografin und Videografin auf Mallorca ein ganz besonderer Faktor für garantiert großartige Aufnahmen. Da Elopements meist Draußen stattfinden, ist das Wetter natürlich ein wichtiger Faktor.

Mit durchschnittlich 300 Sonnentagen im Jahr, gibt das den Nerven definitiv ein wenig Ruhe.

Ich arbeite seit 2015 als Videografin und Fotografin und begleite Hochzeiten auf der ganzen Welt. Wohnhaft in Amsterdam und Palma de Mallorca, biete ich meine Dienstleistungen vor allem auf den Balearen, in den Niederlanden und in Deutschland an.

Wollt Ihr mehr erfahren über Preise, Pakete und meine Arbeit? Dann schreibt mir einfach.

Ich freue mich von Euch zu hören!

Eure Svenja X

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