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A wedding film is very different today than it was 10 years ago. Creative storytelling and razor-sharp shots make watching a wedding film almost a cinematic experience.

As a wedding videographer, I don't just record the wedding day and then see what I do with the material. 

I get to know the couple, write scripts and storyboards and think about which shots are particularly important in advance.

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is like photography, only much more challenging. What I mean by that is that every shot is relevant. Every picture should be sharp and every section perfect if you want to create a good wedding film. You usually shoot 25 to 60 pictures per second - depending on region and format. The object should remain in focus, the lighting conditions should be right and the camera should stay calm in your hand. Filming is art and technical understanding at the same time. Unlike wedding photography, in my opinion it is impossible to make a beautiful and high quality wedding film without a technical understanding.

Creativity in storytelling is a valuable bonus. The story of your love should not just be told. It should be felt and the wedding day as it was to be relived while watching.

Lu & Charlie
Mallorca, Spain, July 2019

Laura Sophie Bridal Film Portrait
Mallorca, Spain, 2020

Helena & Ralf
West Germany, June 2019

Anni & Ray
Gold Coast, Australia, April 2016