"A special feature of my work is certainly the emphasis on emotions. Sensitive and with attention to detail, I see and feel the day, its unique moments and its special people.

Your Wedding Film is designed to move you and your friends so much that you want to watch it over and over again. My claim is to enchant you and to create the most valuable and beautiful memory of your wedding.

I always had a great passion for photgraphy, film making and creative productions. 
In 2014 I filmed a friends wedding in Sydney, Australia to help them out. It was my first wedding film.

Well, and I truly enjoyed doing this! Finally I did something where I could use this great passion combined with my sensitive character to create a unique memory.

It didn't take much time until I found myself filming up to 4 weddings a month and eventually starting to run a wedding film business.


After staying and working in Australia for almost 5 years I moved back to my beautiful Europe home. 
Since then I mostly travel between Amsterdam, Germany and 

Now, I talked a lot about myself and I'd love to find out more about you. Get in contact with me and let's talk about how we create the most beautiful memory of your life together."

Svenja Josefa