about me

"I always had a great interest for art, photography, film making and creative productions.


As a young entrepreneur I started working in the fashion industry creating visual content for many years.

I often ended up behind the camera myself shooting and filming for our campaigns.

Then in 2014 a friend asked me if I could film their wedding in Sydney, Australia. What an honor! 

I truly enjoyed this! I felt like finally I could make use of my sensitive character to create a unique memory. It was a beautiful experience.

While living in Australia for several years I filmed & photographed more than 20 weddings.


A couple of years ago I moved back to my beautiful Europe home. 
Since then I travel and live between Amsterdam and 

If you are interested and want to get more information then get in contact with me and let's talk about how we create the most beautiful memory of your life together.

P.s. I am native in German, fluent in English and Dutch and basic in Spanish conversations (still working on improving that one)."

X Svenja Josefa