Meet your wedding photographer from Mallorca

Wedding photography

You already know it: Your wedding photos are probably the most important memory

that you keep from your very special day.


That is why it is all the more important to pay attention to professionalism and sympathy when choosing the right wedding photographer.

You want to feel good on this special day. You want to have someone by your side whom you can trust.

I myself know how uncomfortable you can feel in front of the camera if you don't really feel comfortable with the person behind the camera. The chemistry has to be right to create really beautiful and authentic photographs.

This is something that I have my promised myself. To make you feel a 100% comfortable. This day is YOUR day and if I can, I will do everything I can to ensure that the couple and their guests feel good with my camera and myself at all times.


I am always happy when my couples are even wondering in retrospect how and where I shot the special moments, even though they hardly noticed that I was there. For me, that's what makes a good photographer.

Of course experience also plays an important role. As a wedding photographer from Mallorca, I have to know in advance which moments are particularly important and where I position myself for the perfect photo. I feel the day intensely and attach particular importance to capturing for example the groom's reaction when the bride enters and the joy of the couple when they listen to the groomsmen's speech or the tears of the bride's mother.

The passion for what I do helps me create very special memories.



Elopement photography

Elopement ceremonies are the latest trend in the wedding industry.  As a wedding photographer I have to honestly admit that I'm a huge fan too. I love these small ceremonies in spectacular places with a uniquely decorated "altar" or, for example, a grape arch. There are no limits to creativity here. The ceremony itself is intimate, personal and unforgettable. As an Elopement photographer, I support the couple in choosing the right place, time and decoration. The great outdoors are limitless and almost anything is possible.



Mallorca wedding photography

This island is my home for a reason. As a wedding photographer on Mallorca, there is nothing that I am missing here. I love the rustic style of the country house fincas, the Mediterranean climate and the unmistakable warm light of the island. I have been lucky enough to attend the (for me) most beautiful dream weddings on the island and to lead breathtaking shoots at sunset. If you decide on a wedding in Mallorca, you are choosing something very special. With a guaranteed 300 days of sunshine a year, the island provides  for good weather and a festival in the open air.

I know this island inside and out and I still find new, beautiful and unique locations for wedding celebrations and photoshoots.



Engagement and couple photoshoot

Are you newly engaged and want to share it with the world? Then it is indeed a good idea to send a particularly beautiful photo with this message.

For engagement and couple shoots, I always try to find the coolest locations. You can also get my help with styling - if you like. The styling and make-up are particularly important to make the photo even more special. Since I have worked in the fashion industry for many years, styling (clothing, location and possibly decoration) is something I do with particular joy and attention to detail.