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Josefa Film


authentic wedding films and photography

Wedding Photographer & Videographer based in Mallorca

Unique, documentary style and cinematic Photographs and Wedding Films - No posing, no cliché, just you and your story!

Based in Amsterdam & Mallorca x bookings worldwide.

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Wedding Videographer Mallorca

Wedding Film Services

Bridal Beauty Photoshoot


A good wedding film captivates by the right selected music and it's edit. With great empathy and sensitivity emotions are awakened and the film is not merely a documentation of the event.

Beautiful Wedding table decoration in Mallorca


Our eyes are demanding and that's why it's important to get the right look.

Professional color adjustments are necessary to give wedding footage this cinematic WOW effect.


With individual and tastefully designed graphics, your wedding film becomes a very unique piece.

Bridal editorial shoot in Palma

Different Angles

You want to see the reaction of the groom, the guests and main event at the same time? Although working alone, I am experienced in capturing multiple angles and I always know when and where to film to catch all emotions of your day. 

Wedding Altar Mallorca


In wedding speeches, for example, it is particularly important to best represent the tone. That's why I work with recording devices and optimize the sound to reduce noise and background noise as much as possible.

Flower decoration in Mallorca

Story Telling

After reviewing all the footage I will carefully piece together a unique story that will represent your wedding perfectly. This is a memory for a lifetime and your film will bring you, your friends and your family a lot of joy to watch all over again - Even after many years.

Wedding Videographer Mallorca
Hochzeitsfilme Deutschland
Wedding Videographer Netherlands

Wedding Film & Photography Netherlands

I am based in Amsterdam and Mallorca. With international experience I will accompany your wedding and make your wedding film or photo story unique and special. Great moments are emphasized with great sensitivity so that you can revive again and again the wonderful emotions that are associated with your fairytale day. 


Wedding Film & Photography Mallorca

A unique wedding with a special location deserves to be saved for eternity.

Besides Amsterdam I have set up my office on the "wedding island" - and not without reason. Mallorca is the ideal base for beautiful images and film. The Mediterranean environment, combined with an unmistakably warm light, gives each shot a romantic aesthetic. You will definitely not regret having a film to memorize this very special event. When you decide for Mallorca, a documentary style wedding photography is what you want to get the most out of it.

Wedding Film & Photography Germany

German summers are my favorite. The great variety of flowers, the countryside glam and this fresh smell after a rainy summer morning. There is nothing quite like that anywhere else.

I am a German wedding photographer film maker who has been living away from home in several countries for almost 10 years.
Bringing in my international experience and style I create something very unique. I accept bookings from anywhere in Germany without travel complications since my Amsterdam home is only a quick train ride away. 

Destination Wedding

You have chosen a unique place for your wedding away from home. You want to make sure that the atmosphere is very special. You and your guests will be together for a trip that includes the witness of your endless bond. This will give you an intimate and special feeling between you and your guests. You will definitely appreciate a wedding film being made of this for the rest of your life - Wether you want to catch these emotions or the special atmosphere of the place.

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